Read An eBook Week 2012

2012 Read An eBook Week

In honor of “Read An eBook Week” for this year, the following ebook titles at Smashwords are available at 50% off or FREE!

If you enjoy reading any of my ebooks, please leave a kind review on Smashwords.

Updated 03/17/2012 — Last year for Read An eBook Week, I gave away 109 copies from seven free ebooks on Smashwords. This year I decided to have three free ebooks and three discounted ebooks. The results were similar. I gave away 34 copies of the free ebooks and, incidentally, had one discounted ebook sale bought at full price because the reader didn’t use the discount code. Like last year, no one left any reviews. Since I seldom get any sales through the Smashwords website, I would say this year was better than last year.


  1. Tom Birks says:

    I read your closed Blog on Flash books. You have an incredible amount of energy. I spent about 35 years in Silicon Valley and now live near Yosemite. There are several writers up here that I was surprised to learn were afraid to Publish their books. Their ego cannot handle anyone criticizing their hard work. Do you have any suggestions that I can pass on to them? I am a hardware engineer and developed some websites a long time ago for some of my companies and Ventures. Left Coast Ventures and Red Barn Microwave are a couple of them, and when I developed them, it was really to show a presence in the Industry rather than to sell a product. Now I decided to try some Affiliate Marketing and combine some technology with information. It is located here. Ebook. What I learned from this new experience, is that selling on the Internet is completely different than selling face to face. It requires just as much work and a different technique. I certainly believe in technology and eBooks and appreciate viewing sites like yours that share information, and basically that’s what the Internet is all about.

  2. C.D. Reimer says:

    @Tom – I started writing short stories six years ago when snail mail submissions were still the thing to do, and collected 300 rejection slips before one of my short stories was accepted for publication two years later. I got another 100 rejection slips before I find my groove with the genre fiction anthology market. For the vast majority of published writers, rejection is a fact of life. If your friends aren’t willing to show the world what they got and risk being rejected over and over again, they will never be published writers. As for the Internet, it’s a whole new ball game.


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